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If you desire a dramatic effective way to instantly improve the appearance of your face and chest or any area of the body, Intense Pulsed Light(IPL), may be the right treatment for you. Looking your best can be a simple matter of clearing age spots and unsightly vessels revealing brighter, more attractive skin. Intense Pulsed Light, which works best on lighter skin types that have not been tanned, can improve age spots, freckles. Red spots(angiomas), rosacea, and broken vessels on the face or body. We also commonly treat scars with very impressive results, an no downtime. At Warner Robins Cosmetic Center, we specialize in treating our post-operative patients to improve their scars immediately after surgery with IPL.


The first step to better skin is a complimentary consultation at Warner Robins Cosmetic Center. Dr.  Asad will analyze your skin and determine the best treatment option for skin health and optimal results. Often, before Intense Pulse Light treatment, your skin is prepped to ensure you receive results that are not only dramatic, but long lasting.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)


•Remove freckles and excess pigmentation

•Evens overall skin tone

•Improves broken capillaries

•Improve symptoms of rosacea

•Stimulate collagen and elastin

•Hair Removal

•Vascular Therapy

•Breast Uplifts

•No downtime

•Dramatic results

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